December 27, 2011

Christmas Gifts

Merry Christmas, ladies and gentlemen!

I've got a few delicious gifts for you here, all featuring my OC, Robert Cross. If you have any suggestion for other characters i should order some pics of, suggest them in the comments.

I'm sorry i didn't bother to gift wrap 'em, but i hope the quality makes up for it!

First of, here's my first commissioned work from the amazing MLM4Anemone.A real good fellow, and working for prices way below what he's worth. Give him a look!

Next up, is this lovely little creation by my, by now, good friend Darian: Again, a man who works for way cheaper than he ought to. This picture was made as a gift for everyone's favourite Artix.

And then, it was my turn to receive a gift. This one's made by the loveable scamp Kirej. It's his OC kissing mine. i wonder if that's a signal.

 And finally, there's this amazing picture by MiOworks. The business of it had a few kinks to iron out, but in the end, this is what came out. I don't think anyone can complain, eh?

So that's my last dump for 2011. I hope you've enjoyed all the stuff i've posted here so far, and that i'll see you all in the new year! Please have ten fingers and two eyes, alright?

- Zeldrin

September 19, 2011


For today's post i have two pictures for you, both based around the theme of darkness corrupting the mind and body.

First, courtesy of Kirej, we have a picture of The Dark Prince from Prince of Persia. For some reason i always found something really attractive about his pitch black skin and the yellow tattoos coursing over his body.

Second part of today's hunk diet comes from Conji, who has finally, in one day's time, executed an idea and fetish i have been fumbling around with for a year: Symbiote Infestation. See for yourself.

As a little extra bonus, the reference for that version of Spiderman was this:

Good stuff, right?
- Zeldrin

September 14, 2011

Summer Highlights

So, it's been a nice little while since i last posted here, but don't let that think i was going to let you all down. Many a commission has been done, and it's time i let loose the goodies.

For starters, as a followup to my last post here, Conji, went ahead and made a background story picture about the Creation of Reflux.

And of course, since it's Conji we're talking, he couldn't help but add some peeehnus to it as well, so here you go.

And now, allow me to introduce a new friend of mine, Darian of Ygal. Aside from being a very nice and talkative fellow, he also drew me this.

Now, before you ask who that astoundingly hot character is, i have to say: No idea. I know it's from some obscure japanese card game, and the reference was this picture. His name remains an enigma, his place on the 1-10 hotness scale, does not. So, i titled the picture Breeze.

Now, i don't know about you people, but i bought a game called Bastion on release. It's a multiplatform Diablo-style dungeon crawler, with some of the best story, music and art i've ever experienced. I wanted to do something with the art style, so i got in contact with my reliable old friend Nico (WHO I MET IN PARIS THIS SUMMER! <3). He enjoyed the art style himself, and decided to stick to it, and this was the amazing result! (SFW version here)

Final on my list is a new experience for me: Working with the brilliant Megaween. He helped realise and old fantasy i have spent years looking for the right artist for. If you're a regular reader, you may remember that i am a huge fan of Jak, and well, i think his would-be-girlfriend, Keira, is pretty hot too, so here's a picture of those two together, with much love.

And of course, since i like it that way, here's a version with some cock-juice added, just to spice it up.

And with that, all my pictures are dumped.
Until next time, be well!
- Zeldrin

May 21, 2011

Scout is Delicious!

Dalies and mentlegen.

Normally, i detest yaoi or anything like it with TF2 characters. I really love the game too much to live with that, but the Scout has the potential to be a real hottie, so Nico and I decided to make a nice little Pinup of him. Here's the result. Enjoy!

April 3, 2011


So, time for a new picture or two at last. This time done by my lovable partner in crime Kartos.

Meet Reflux. He is a demon spirit originally conjured and bound to the physical realm by a powerful wizard out to kill Lesser, Kartos's OC. Lesser freed the enslaved demon, leaving him free to roam the world, in exchange for his life. Reflux need to be bound to a physical form which needs to be molded by a mage, a so called Golem. Thing is, these fall apart rather quickly from having the powerful demon inside, so Reflux is reliant on Lesser to make him a new body every once in a while.

Being the dirty mage he is, Lesser of course made Reflux's body fit his fetishes, as seen below.

Thank Kartos/Conji/Conjuringhunks for so generously allowing you all to have the full resolution of these pictures. It has been a great pleasure to take part in their creation, and now i hope you all will glean some pleasure from them as well!

Rock Solid!
- Zeldrin

February 4, 2011

Have a peep at Pepe!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Pepe. He is a character in the Rage of The Dragon fighting games which is doubt any of you have ever heard about. The picture is by my new buddy Mickey. I fell in love with his style, and you can expect to see more by him in the future.