September 29, 2010

Plain Ketchup

Okay, okay, i admit it: I have been a very naughty, very lazy boy who hasn't updated his blog for FAR too long. So let's just get straight to the goodies, shall we? I'll keep the SFW pics in the top and the more provocative ones further down.

First off, we've got a drawing of Anubis by my very nice buddy shark-blade over at FA. The idea came from an old pic i showed him of a very buff Anubis, and he elected to draw a new version for me. And here we have the excellent result:

Numero Dos:

Most of you have probably seen at least a part of this pic before, as i'm using it as my profile pic around the interwebs. Speaks volumes about how much i like it, i suppose. It's a commission of my OC Robert Cross by my good ol' American buddy barrin84 over at FA. He's still running these bust specials, i think, and i can definitely recommend him:

And now for a little bit of scalieness. This rather lovely pic was made by shark-blade and is the embodiment of an old childhood dream of ours: What happens when Spyro goes beyond his difficult Childhood and becomes a real dragon? All that adventuring must have done something, that's for sure.

And now i take the liberty of highlighting some of the a-f*cking-mazing work of best brother in the whole wide world: Ness!
It's not a commission, but i kind of requested it, and it's good enough that it deserves a highlight!
(As an extra note, he's promised to do a nude version sometime soon. Can't wait!)

Let's round off the SFW pics with style, shall we? This baby's a birthday pic from shark-blade featuring our two OCs doing a nice hi-five. I kind a wanted him to do this one as a sort of BFF-symbol. That it turned out real nice is just an extra bonus. :D

As for what Zhu's making for me right now, here's a WiP of his drawing of a Gon from the MMO "Blade & Soul"

And now for something completely different! Here's my birthday pic from Nico, who you may remember made me this lovely pic some time back. Well, he took the concept further, and out of that came this wonderfully artful pic. I think there's some very interesting colour plays and symbolism going on in there. But also: SMEX!

And now that we're nearing the end of this particular post, i've saved some of the best for last. This is a lineart by overlordofthepies and coloured by my newest discovery, Kyuuhari! I honestly fell in love with this baby when he showed it to me, and believe you me, this is not the last of kyuu's artwork you'll be seeing here!

Now, i think i have emptied my secret folders on my PC of anything i have any kind of claim to. I'll try to be a little more to-the-point with blog updates in the future, but i nevertheless hope you have all enjoyed this little showcase. If you feel you have been rudely forgotten or want some of these pics in a higher res, drop me a note on FA, write over IM, send me a mail, or whip my ass on Facebook. It's all up to you, gentle(wo)men!

Don't forget to comment either!

And with that, i shall leave you to more constructive matters.
All the love in the world:
- Zeldrin