December 27, 2011

Christmas Gifts

Merry Christmas, ladies and gentlemen!

I've got a few delicious gifts for you here, all featuring my OC, Robert Cross. If you have any suggestion for other characters i should order some pics of, suggest them in the comments.

I'm sorry i didn't bother to gift wrap 'em, but i hope the quality makes up for it!

First of, here's my first commissioned work from the amazing MLM4Anemone.A real good fellow, and working for prices way below what he's worth. Give him a look!

Next up, is this lovely little creation by my, by now, good friend Darian: Again, a man who works for way cheaper than he ought to. This picture was made as a gift for everyone's favourite Artix.

And then, it was my turn to receive a gift. This one's made by the loveable scamp Kirej. It's his OC kissing mine. i wonder if that's a signal.

 And finally, there's this amazing picture by MiOworks. The business of it had a few kinks to iron out, but in the end, this is what came out. I don't think anyone can complain, eh?

So that's my last dump for 2011. I hope you've enjoyed all the stuff i've posted here so far, and that i'll see you all in the new year! Please have ten fingers and two eyes, alright?

- Zeldrin

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