April 3, 2011


So, time for a new picture or two at last. This time done by my lovable partner in crime Kartos.

Meet Reflux. He is a demon spirit originally conjured and bound to the physical realm by a powerful wizard out to kill Lesser, Kartos's OC. Lesser freed the enslaved demon, leaving him free to roam the world, in exchange for his life. Reflux need to be bound to a physical form which needs to be molded by a mage, a so called Golem. Thing is, these fall apart rather quickly from having the powerful demon inside, so Reflux is reliant on Lesser to make him a new body every once in a while.

Being the dirty mage he is, Lesser of course made Reflux's body fit his fetishes, as seen below.

Thank Kartos/Conji/Conjuringhunks for so generously allowing you all to have the full resolution of these pictures. It has been a great pleasure to take part in their creation, and now i hope you all will glean some pleasure from them as well!

Rock Solid!
- Zeldrin

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