January 22, 2010

Something special: Myself in twenty years!

Hey lads and ladettes.
Since I commissioned CrimZhu/CrimsonBlood (Hereafter referred to as CrimZhu) during his christmas sale, I got a little extra gift: A free lineart of my preference. I thought for a bit about what to do with this Get-out-of-no-lineart-jail free card when an idea struck me: I asked CrimZhu to do his idea of how I would look in ten years (When I'm 26), and here is the glorious result!

I personally really, really like this pic, and I've used the face as my avatar in a lot of places. Please do comment!

- Zeldrin


Hey again, everyone. Some of you've wondered about how often I'll update the blog. The answer to that is (for now at least) that I'll update on Saturday of every week until i run out of stuff to post. Once that's happened, I'll post stuff here as soon as it comes up.


January 18, 2010

The Wayback Machine: David Kawena

As my first post here, I'll post an exclusive pic, available nowhere else on the internet, and made by by Sheridan-J or SAJ. It features David Kawena of Lilo and Stitch, and it was the second time I commissioned Sheridan. Additionally, this was the first pic where I ordered both a SFW and NSFW version of the pic. Enjoy!

Grand Opening of the Zeldrin Hot Labs!

Hey there, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to my new blog! This place will serve as a repository for all the stuff I commission, as well as being a place for me to voice my mad thoughts. Please, enjoy.

- Zeldrin