July 31, 2012

Summer Hot Stuff

Oh, so here we are again, it's always such a pleasure.
I got behind on uploading my new stuff again, so this is gonna be another Catchup-bucket!

Let's get the party started, and if i miss anyone, do kick me somewhere that reminds me.

First off, a big batch of Reflux related pics:

Mindbender - Sokka Possessed by Reflux, by Nursury

 Hwoarang Taken over, by Mindloop

Zack's Transformation, by Conji

Unchained - Jecht - by Viers Leoned

sqUare 35 - Oscar, by Mioworks

Friendly Takeover - Robert and Ferore, by Hydaria

And in non-Reflux related pics, we have these.

Superlative, by Viers Leoned

I've got a few more goodies to come soon, so keep your eyes open!

On another note, here's some music. http://youtu.be/eeeU4N_oArg

Be well until next time!

- Zeldrin