September 4, 2015

Over my Shoulder

Hi people! So, it's been quite a while since i last updated this blog. I've been replacing dead links today, and now i figured i'd go ahead and dump all the stuff i've had made since i last updated this place. For those of you who've followed me for all this time, you're either very silly or very loyal, and i love you all the same! Now, on with the show:

First of all, Connor Kenway from Assassins' Creed III, as drawn by Nursury.

Next up, a slightly more personal commish by my friend BlackLynx.

Being a Patreon of DizDoodz, i once won this drawing of Reflux on one of his streams!

Hungry for more ortacean hunk, i had Zarthy of Ygal draw this one for me:

For my dear roleplaying friend Valentine Winters, I had Kirej draw this portrait.

This is an old commission of Monkey from Enslaved: Odyssey to The West, as drawn by Conji.

As a gift for me, Kirej went and drew our OCs kissing!

And here's Ancient Ogre, drawn by the ever-excellent Hydaria.

Recognising a good colour play when i saw it, i had Kirej draw the Prince of Persia.

And finally, here's JustSyl's rendition of Robert Cross, studying his field in his favourite state of undress!

Who knows when i will next do this, but until then, be well and stay sexy!