January 19, 2012


Hey laddies and ladies. Most of the internet might be blacking out, but i sure as hell am not!

First out of the cave:
My new friend Nursury, with this excellent rendition of a grown up Ben 10. All that alien fighting did his physique some good, i think.

Oh, and just to rub it in, here's the naked version.

What else have i got... Oh yes! Here's a picture of Reflux made by Chrisss, it was made some time ago, but i totally forgot to upload it. I am so very ashamed of myself. :(
Nonetheless, i really like this pic, especially how the atmosphere came out.

Finally, i wanna mention SOPA here. Just FYI, it was first introduced as a piece of legislation 3 months ago, on the 26th of October, shortly afterward, i got a report from Demand Progress about it, and only now has the general public caught wind of it. It could so easily have passed us by, people, so do everyone a favour and subscribe tot he EFF and Demand Progress to keep yourself informed ahead of the curveball. Our freedom depends upon it.

Bye for now!
- Zeldrin

January 9, 2012

Starting out

Welcome to the new year, laddies and ladettes, may it treat you all fair and well!

Here's my first contribution for now; a just-finished commission by the excellent CarlZeno who was a great pleasure to work with, now brace yourselves for a truly great picture or two!

Additionally, Carl was kind enough to make a little alt version for you all.

Pay him some respect and visit his gallery, and give him your thanks. Then, when you've gotten off, live 2012 like the mayans were right!

'Till next time!
- Zeldrin