March 15, 2010

(Insert headline here)

Hmm. This has been a... I wouldn't say dull week, but there really hasn't been anything really interesting going on. I've fallen in love with Battlefield Bad Company 2, and I've got a whole novel to read over this week. I'm frankly shocked by Ness' banning from Ygal, and I hope those nazi bastards may rot for it, but I wish him the best of luck with his own blog, anyway.

So, no doubt you boys and girls want a pic this week as well, so I'll find something a little bit older; namely a pic from a series Zhu did for me last autumn featuring our very own shiny, muscly Venom. Do enjoy.

March 3, 2010

Pictorial modification: Hwoarang

I asked Sheridan to do this one for me. She took an official screenie of Hwoarang from tekken, and made this:

Suffice to say: AWESOME!