January 19, 2012


Hey laddies and ladies. Most of the internet might be blacking out, but i sure as hell am not!

First out of the cave:
My new friend Nursury, with this excellent rendition of a grown up Ben 10. All that alien fighting did his physique some good, i think.

Oh, and just to rub it in, here's the naked version.

What else have i got... Oh yes! Here's a picture of Reflux made by Chrisss, it was made some time ago, but i totally forgot to upload it. I am so very ashamed of myself. :(
Nonetheless, i really like this pic, especially how the atmosphere came out.

Finally, i wanna mention SOPA here. Just FYI, it was first introduced as a piece of legislation 3 months ago, on the 26th of October, shortly afterward, i got a report from Demand Progress about it, and only now has the general public caught wind of it. It could so easily have passed us by, people, so do everyone a favour and subscribe tot he EFF and Demand Progress to keep yourself informed ahead of the curveball. Our freedom depends upon it.

Bye for now!
- Zeldrin

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