November 12, 2010

In Service of a God

Now this is an interesting one.

My first commission to lion21 (Black Lion) over at FA. Originally i had planned for it to be Jin being surprise-buttsecks'd by Ogre, but Lion and I came to the agreement of making it Hwoarang instead, and so he made this quite lovely pic, putting himself in the upper echelons of my favorite Commissionees. Expect lots more work from him on this blog in the future!

Keep your heads cool and your bodies hot!
- Zeldrin


  1. I always fantasized seeing Ogre fucking a male fighter, let alone naked. However, side from the hotness that is this drawing, the art is TRULY mind blowing. Am completely in love with the pictures realistic look.

  2. rhis is awesome!!

  3. Wonderful! This is really hot...