April 25, 2010

Building a better OC

Aloha, ladies and gentlemen!
It's a dead sprint to the finish for me now.My final normal day of school is less than a month away, I've got lots of dosh to spend during my vacation and holiday, and perhaps most interestingly, I'm cooking up a new OC, featured here:

This absolute masterpiece was made by Zhu and my brother Ness. It's been a long time in the making, but I think this demonstrates the capabilities of not only these two great friends, but of collabs in general.

This pic features the very same charatcer I used to think of as future-me (idealised edition), but I'm now hard at work brewing up a backstory and turning him into a full-scale OC, which I'll be using in the more yaoi-style artistry I'm involved with.

That's it for this week. Live long and prosper!
- Zeldrin

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