January 22, 2010

Something special: Myself in twenty years!

Hey lads and ladettes.
Since I commissioned CrimZhu/CrimsonBlood (Hereafter referred to as CrimZhu) during his christmas sale, I got a little extra gift: A free lineart of my preference. I thought for a bit about what to do with this Get-out-of-no-lineart-jail free card when an idea struck me: I asked CrimZhu to do his idea of how I would look in ten years (When I'm 26), and here is the glorious result!

I personally really, really like this pic, and I've used the face as my avatar in a lot of places. Please do comment!

- Zeldrin


  1. Crimsons lineart is soo awesome xD!!!!
    Looks hot tougth ;D

  2. I'll take that as a compliment, thanks. ;)